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  • Juice Delight Easy

    The uncomplicated cleanse

    For those, who like it uncomplicated and easy. JUICE DELIGHT EASY means to order only 1 day in advance, one and the same juice menu with the same minimum durability for the whole Cleanse duration and all juices delivered at once, which gives you maximum independence during your Cleanse. By applying the very gentle high pressure processing (HPP) method, which ensures that all valuable nutrients in the juice remain intact, the juices have an extended durability of up to 14 days when you get them. Thus, you are completely flexible with the planning and the implementation of your Cleanse. There are 5 selected cold-pressed juice compositions and 1 vegan nutmylk on your daily menu, which are consumed at an interval of about every 2 hours throughout the day, with the nut milk to be consumed lastly.

    1 x 400 ml Black Beauty:
    Water, pink grapefruit, apple, lemon, chili, activated charcoal

    1 x 400 ml Roots on Fire:
    Carrot, orange, pink grapefruit, turmeric, chili

    1 x 400 ml Heartbeet:
    Apple, carrot, beetroot, pear, ginger, lemon, lime

    1 x 400 ml Liquid Salad:
    Apple, orange, fennel, cucumber, spinach, wheatgras

    1 x 400 ml Shineapple:
    Apple, pineapple, celery, cucumber, coconut water, lemon, lemongras

    1 x 400 ml Going CocoNuts:
    Water, cashew, agave, lime juice, dried coconut meat, lemongrass juice, hymalaya salt

    100% organic, natural, cold-pressed, vegan, & gluten-free
    Free from artificial additives and preservatives
    Not heated or pasteurized

    All products need to be stored in the fridge.