Detox Delight - Beauty shots collection with ananas

Ready, steady, GLOW!

Superfood shots, healthy snacks, teas that support your cleanse: Our boosters are the perfect companion to any cleanse or just as a treat between meals!

We developed our highly concentrated DETOX DELIGHT SUPERFOOD Shots as an additional superfood kick. With their changing recipes, they are a unique supplement to any of the DETOX DELIGHT cleanse programs. Genuine power combinations made from superfood stars like coconut water, goji berry, acai berry, wheatgrass, hemp, aloe vera, maca, chia, purple corn, baobab, spirulina and chlorella do much, much more than just delight the taste buds.

Always different, always new: whether the latest shots with activated charcoal, as Flu Fighter, Liver Flush, Beauty or Spring Edition – the themes of our shot collections and their ingredients change with the seasons. 

You can snack raw, vegan and gluten-free with DETOX DELIGHT. SNACK DELIGHT – crispy Kale Chips and Wirsing Chips, Spicy Cracker, nutty Crunchy Granola and other delicious, healthy munchies made from entirely plant-based organic ingredients. Produced gently in the dehydrator, without baking or frying, at low temperatures (below 42 °C), they contain living plant enzymes and valuable vitamins, without artificial flavor enhancers or added sugar and far fewer carbohydrates than conventional snacks. This makes them the perfect, low-calorie alternative to potato chips, cookies, etc.

We recommend our snacks to anyone who feels like they need something to sink their teeth into during a cleanse. But in moderation, please: no more than 20 grams per day.