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The original since 2009

DETOX DELIGHT was the first juice cleanse provider in continental Europe. Founded by Astrid Purzer in a back courtyard in Munich in 2009, DETOX DELIGHT now has six locations – Munich, Zurich, Vienna, Paris, The Hague and Dubai – and is one of the leading international vendors in Europe and the Middle East.

The secret to our success: satisfied customers who appreciate the delicious taste of our products, the innovative new flavors inspired by the latest health trends and the high quality and excellent service we provide. No matter whether juices, soups, vegan meals or raw food snacks: Our products are still made fresh each day by hand in our Vienna manufactory, with lots of attention to detail. We attach especially great importance to providing personal advice and support via a team of qualified employees who are always ready to listen and trained to assist our customers through all cleanse programs on request.

Around the world, DETOX DELIGHT employees are true believers in our products. Who will be glad to help make your first steps towards a healthier new you as easy as possible.

We can only be as good as you let us become! Do you have feedback, ideas, suggestions? 

By not taking in any solid food, our digestive system and metabolism have a significant amount of less strain put on them and can work more effectively. The cleanse process is significantly enhanced and you will have noticeably more energy and feel healthy and slim.

Our carefully balanced juice and soup creations are prepared every day using top-quality fresh fruit and vegetables preserving the nutrients contained in them. They are rich in vitamins, trace elements, minerals and secondary plant substances, feed your cells and are surprisingly filling. Added ginger, chili, wasabi and fresh horseradish provide an extra taste boost and stimulate your metabolism even further. To ensure that your nutrition remains balanced and to support fat burn and hormone metabolism, all of the soups contain valuable plant proteins - either as direct ingredients (e.g. nuts, seeds, legumes) or as separate topping (e.g. parsley cashew cream), which just needs to be stirred into the warm soup.

Unlike other commercially available products, the juices and soups in the Juice & Soup Delight menu are unpasteurized and do not contain any preservatives in order to maintain their optimum content of high-quality nutrients. They should therefore be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within a few days. Vienna Vienna Munich Munich


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